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Feet-First Into Upping Your Cardio Game

The weather’s finally starting to warm and for many of us that means digging out our runners from the back of the wardrobe and getting reacquainted with cardio. It’s normal to have an adjustment period as you get back into the swing of things, but if you’ve been at it for a while and are still experiencing pain and niggling injuries, it’s time to take a look at your feet.

Gait analysis is a common tool used by foot-focused professionals from physios to running footwear stores, that uses sensors and computer analysis to uncover the underlying mechanics behind the way we walk and run.

Many specialist sports shoe retailers offer gait analysis in-store. This is a simple and easy process that determines your type of pronation (what your feet do when they hit the ground), and the results are used to match you to the pair of shoes that will work with your body, and give you the support you need to help avoid injury and smash your goals.

The right pair of running shoes will give you the support you need to smash your goals


The trained staff and specialised equipment used by these stores are there to get you into the best pair of kicks you’ve ever owned. When you make the switch from a decrepit pair of off-the-shelf joggers to a gait-matched pair of the good stuff (like the world-conquering ASICS Gel-Kayano range), you won’t know yourself. From the spring in your step, to your recovery time, and especially your split times – having the right pair of running shoes makes you feel good, look good, and leaves you with one fewer excuse to avoid lacing up and pounding some pavement.

So, before you start chasing your PB split time or hitting that HIIT, go figure out what your feet are doing. Both you and your body are going to be grateful you did.

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