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Firefighters Called In To Free Man’s Penis From Gym Weight Plate

There’s always someone in the gym trying a new exercise in a bid to see better results. However, we’re not sure you should be trying to slip your penis into a gym plate.


A German man has had the bright idea of sticking his penis into the hole of a 2.5kg weight. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get it out on his own and the fire brigade was eventually called in.

After a hospital visit proved unsuccessful, fire services were brought in carrying power tools. After sedating the man, the firemen broke through the cast iron with the help of angle grinders and a hydraulic rescue device.

Facebook / Feuerwehr Worms

Facebook / Feuerwehr Worms

Taking to Facebook, the emergency service posted a picture of the shattered plate along with some sound advice, “Please do not imitate such actions!” 

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