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A Stylish Man’s Guide To Wearing A Bum Bag

Many would contend that of all trends, however short-lived, the bum bag is one that’s least deserving of revival. But fashion is a fickle beast and brands as diverse as Louis Vuitton and Prada via Fila are asking us to reconsider the virtues of this maligned midriff pouch.

So, should you? Yes, claims James Doidge, Head of Menswear Design at Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom, who has backed his conviction by including a sporty black number as part of his own spring collection, inspired by the styles worn on the streets of Tokyo. The key, he says, is how you wear it:

“The prescriptive name is a bit of a misnomer because it’s actually an extremely versatile carryall. Yes, it can function as a loose belt, though I’d suggest wearing the bag itself on your hip. Alternatively, it can work well slung casually across your shoulder or body. You could even loop it around a larger bag.”

They also call it a ‘belt bag’, so if anyone asks, that’s what it is. Compact yet capacious, it will declutter pockets without burdening you in the way that a tote or rucksack might. Meanwhile, the hard-wearing tech fabric and statement colour mean that no one is ever going to confuse you for a market trader.

Follow these pointers and your satchel game will be firmly on point. Ignore them, however, and you could be left with a bum deal.

Get your satchel game on point and avoid any bum notes

On the front

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Go traditional and you’ll look like one of the tourists at Magic Kingdom

To the side

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Worn ironically on your rear is a look that’s best reserved for true hipsters

Cross- body

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This attention commanding look gives easy access, earning it MH endorsement.

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