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Halle Berry Reckons This Workout Leads To ‘Increased Sexual Arousal’

Age-defying goddess Halle Berry, the Bond girl of our adolescence and only true Catwoman in our humble opinion, has been on a fitness rampage of late, sharing workouts and selfies to her social media profiles in an effort to motivate her followers into following suit.

The actress, now 52 (how is that possible), is gearing up for role in John Wick 3, and just this week shared another workout post highlighting the positive effects exercise can have on your body and mind. Oh and the benefits on your sex life as well. Halle Berry dishing out sexual health advice? We’re listening…

“For me, cardio is an essential part of my workout, and I believe that my fitness regime is not complete without it! Cardio and heart health can go hand-in-hand,” she wrote in the caption while training with coach Peter Lee Thomas. “Other benefits I have experienced include – Improved memory, increased #circulation leading to clear, healthier skin, #Bloodsugar control, increased oxygen supply, so your muscles work harder, reduced fatigue and shortness of breath, significant calorie burn, helping maintain a healthy weight,” Berry continued before dropping the bombshell we all came here for.

“My personal favorite – ???? increased sexual arousal in women????”

And experts back the star, highlighting the sexual benefits of exercise for both men and women. “Sex isn’t just about desire. It’s about body image, self-esteem, and confidence—and exercise boosts all of those,” affirms Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a board-certified OB/GYN and clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive Sciences at Yale University School of Medicine, when talking to Prevention

And that confidence is translating to the bedroom. Frequent trainers are reportedly 20 per cent more likely to have regular sex than their inactive counterparts.

Berry isn’t reaching when linking her workouts to sexual benefits, with her thoughts going beyond the psychological and into the physiological.

“According to research, that same rush you feel after an awesome workout — due to better cardiovascular health and blood flow as well as a boost in feel-good neurotransmitters — definitely plays a role in maintaining a healthy libido,” say Leah Groth from Prevention.

In even greater applications of science, further studies suggest that orgasm can actually occur during training, especially for women. The Journal of Sexual & Relationship Therapy found that 51 per cent of women surveyed in their study had experienced a ‘coregasm‘, or EIO (exercise-induced orgasm), during an ab workout.

And core workouts aren’t the only way women are achieving orgasm in the gym. According to the same study, biking, weights, running and weightlifting induced orgasm for 27 per cent of study participants. To put that in perspective, the next time you’re in the gym, that’s almost one in every three women.

Unfortunately, the scientists behind the study were unable to explain why these orgasms occur, but they did uncover the ab exercise most likely to bring on a ‘coregasm’. Performing a “captain’s chair” – resting her elbows on a padded arm support, with legs hanging suspended below, and then raising the knees towards her chest – is reportedly the most effective big O inducer. Thanks science!

By Mens Health Staff

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