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The Healthiest Destinations In The World Have Been Revealed

If you’re looking to avoid a blowout on your next trip overseas, you’re in luck. New research has provided some valuable insight into where you can keep those crucial gains while exploring new territories.  


Travel booking website Travel Supermarket has crunched the numbers and rounded up the top 50 healthiest cities. The criteria included wellbeing retreats, outdoor activities and healthy dining options. 

For years, a diet consisting of red wine and a good brie (in moderation) has been linked to youthfulness and longevity, so it’s no surprise that the French topped the list

Rounding out the top two are Chiang Mai and Barcelona, with the former known for incredible spa retreats and active escapes while the Spanish city is home to healthy eateries and plenty of greenery. 

Surprisingly, despite the mediterranean diet to lower mortality rates, cities from the region didn’t feature strongly. 

The bad news? Not one Australian city featured in the top 50.

Check out the top 10 here:

1. Paris, France

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. Pattaya, Thailand

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Miami, United States

7. San Francisco, United States

8. Lisbon, Portugal

9. Denpasar, Indonesia

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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