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Home And Away Star Orpheus Pledger Opens Up About His Fitness Journey And How He Got That Rig

Given his role as personal trainer and aspiring doctor Mason Morgan on Home and Awayit’s no surprise that Orpheus Pledger has a Summer Bay-appropriate rig. But for the Aussie actor, fitness isn’t just about washboard abs and sleeve-busting arms.

“Physical exercise helps me to vibrate at a higher frequency, alleviating stagnant energy and activating my senses, allowing me to think and feel with clarity,” he told Men’s Health.

“When my mind is right, my life is right, and the best way to fast track this synergy with my mind is to take care of my body.”

But this attitude to exercise didn’t happen overnight – it’s been a journey 11 years in the making. 

“I first became aware of health and fitness when a high school friend invited me along for a gym session,” says Pledger. “I was 15 at the time and immediately fell in love with the process. It’s been a priority ever since.”

And while he’s spent the last decade overhauling his diet and fine-tuning his body, the 26-year-old knows that wellbeing isn’t just about being in tip-top shape, it’s also about eliminating toxic influences around him.

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“What I look at, the pages I follow on Instagram, the things I listen to, the words I speak and the people I choose to spend my time with.

“My aim is to have these areas of my life aligned with who I am and what I like, as they’re fundamentally influential to my overall mental health.”

And if you’re wondering about how to get ripped like the Australian actor, we have some bad news: it involves cardio. 

“A normal training regime for me consists of high-intensity workouts, changing up my muscle groups daily. For example, one-day I’ll pair shoulders, back and calves, then the next I’ll pair chest with biceps and squats.

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“Always incorporating cardio workouts, either on the step machine or walking on the treadmill.

“My favourite muscle group to train would have to be my back with exercises like dumbbell single arm rows and lat pulldowns. My least favourite exercise is squats simply because it exerts so much energy.”

See Orpheus Pledger talk to New Idea below

Busy days on the set are no excuse for Pledger. Despite long hours up at Palm Beach, he makes sure he always finds time to fit in a few reps. 

“A big thing for me is consistency, therefore, I find the time to fit in a workout regardless of my workload. Whilst the timing of the workout may vary, my routine doesn’t change while filming.”

As for his diet? Heavy on the protein, heavy on the veggies – muscle-building nutrients, crucial vitamins and fibres keep his body operating smoothly. 

“I have the seafood philosophy, I see food and I eat it. Keeping in mind moderation of course.

“(I) start the morning with 3 eggs, followed by grilled chicken breast with green beans and lemon for lunch, fruit for an afternoon snack and a big portion of protein and greens for dinner. My perception of the word ‘diet’ means so much more to me than just food.

“My diet incorporates everything,” he adds.

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