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5 Ways To Naturally Improve Your Sex Drive

For some people, the very thought of their incredible sexual experiences are enough to turn them on. Unfortunately, for others, you just can’t get in the mood at the best of times. Luckily, there are ways you can naturally increase your sex drive so you can both get off once again or satisfy your partner regularly. 


A 2014 study found that obesity is linked with low sex drive. Similarly, older research found that men who worked out three to five times a week had “significantly greater sexual enhancements.” Work out three to five times a week to help improve your sex drive – you’ll also get a rig in the process!

Manage Stress

Findings in a 2010 report show that stress was linked to poor sexual activity, both behaviour and satisfaction. Increased cortisol levels can suppress our sex hormones. If you want to improve your libido levels, take control of your life and manage your stress levels.

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Work On Your Self-Confidence

2008 research found a link between body image and sexual satisfaction. The study suggests that in both men and women, participants who had a poor opinion of themselves were less inclined to enjoy sexual activity. While you don’t have to change yourself overnight, work on the little things by watching what you eat and including regular exercise in your week. This will release feel good hormones in the brain, improving your self-confidence. 


Consider this ‘warming up the engine.’ Masturbating can release feel good chemicals that are addictive. Fortunately, you’re body can’t distinguish between masturbating and PIV sex so you’re body will crave that orgasm feeling all the time. This is a great trick that you can practice in the comfort of your own home, on your own and in your own time. However, that’s not an excuse to masturbate every waking second!


Research by the University of Texas showed that small doses of Hemp increased testosterone and sexual stamina. Hemp seeds are available through brands such as Thompson’s and are actually a dense source of protein and fibre as well. 

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