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What Women Really Think About Guys Who Live With Their Parents

The Men’s Health Girl Next Door, takes all your questions on women, love, and lust.


I’m living with my folks to save money. Will women judge me? 


—Ben from Melbourne,VIC, Australia.


 A decent woman won’t. 


I get it: “I live with my parents” unfairly conjures the image of an underemployed Halo enthusiast enjoying Mum’s free laundry services. But the fact is that more 18- to 30- year olds live at home these days than in their own place.


More importantly, you’re a responsible guy who’s saving for the future—and that suggests “keeper” to a lot of women. 


So just explain yourself: When you break the news that you’re still living in your childhood bedroom, soften it with a mention of the condo you’ll call home after 11 more months under your parents’ roof. (Or whatever you’re saving up for, so she knows your living situation isn’t the result of a lack of ambition.)


And don’t bring it up first thing—wait until after she’s gotten to know you, but before any “your place or my parents’?” awkwardness. 


Speaking of which, keep your sex life confined to her place until you sign the mortgage on that condo—no woman wants to risk meeting your mom over English muffins while wearing your old Eels t-shirt. 

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