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Hugh Jackman Crushes Deadlifts and Hits The Sand For This Workout

Bodybuilding forums call him “Huge Jacked Man” for good reason: at nearly 50 years old, Hugh Jackman is still in superhero form. Photos surfaced from a gym session near Bondi Beach where Jackman strapped on a lifting belt and started crushing deadlifts like they were Magneto’s face aboard the space station Avalon. After what we imagine was a series of musclebound grunts and supersets, Jackman and personal trainer Michael Ryan then took the workout to the sand where you can’t help but notice the lack of flab on the actor’s trained torso.

We can’t believe the mid-winter sprint through the surf was particularly pleasant, but the brutal session is yet another chapter in Jackman’s documented history of superhuman workout routines. We’ve seen him row for 2,000 metres in just 7 minutes – a routine he says “strips fat” and “uses every single muscle” – and recover using the latest in cryotherapy technology.

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