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This Husband’s Beautiful Tribute to His Pregnant Wife Will Break Your Heart

There are some stories that make you saw “wow.” Some stories, so heart-wrenching and despairing, that give you no choice but to think what you would do if you were in the same situation. 

But it’s these stories of dark times, that often happen to the totally undeserving, that truly allows us to see the light and love that still very much exists on this earth. This is one of those stories.

Royce and Keri Young, a couple from Oklahoma, received news every expectant parent fears at their ultrasound. The couple learned the that their beautiful baby girl had a major birth defect – she did not have a brain – and would likely only survive a few days after her birth.

But this is the truly amazing part: rather than give in to their heartbreak, this inspirational couple is making the most of the grossly unfair situation. According to a Facebook post from Royce, Keri requested to carry the baby to term so they could donate her organs after she was born. 

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I thought back to the moment where we found out Eva wasn’t perfect, and how literally 30 seconds after our doctor told us our baby doesn’t have a brain, somehow through full body ugly crying, Keri looked up and asked, “If I carry her full term, can we donate her organs?” I remember our doctor putting her hand on Keri’s shoulder and saying, “Oh honey, that’s so brave of you to say.”

“There I was, crestfallen and heartbroken, but I momentarily got lifted out of the moment and just stood in awe of her,” said Royce. “I was a spectator to my own life, watching a superhero find her superpowers. In literally the worst moment of her life, finding out her baby was going to die, it took her less than a minute to think of someone else and how her selflessness could help. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced.”

The beautiful post has already racked up over 18,000 likes, almost 7000 shares and thousands of comments from people wishing the couple support and wanting to spread this amazing tale. 

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“Keri has been in the trenches the entire time, feeling every little kick, every hiccup and every roll. She’s reminded every moment of every day that she’s carrying a baby that will die. Her back hurts. Her feet are sore. She’s got all the super fun pregnant stuff going on. But the light at the end of her nine-month tunnel will turn into a darkness she’s never felt before a couple hours or days after Eva is born,” he wrote. “She’s TOUGH. She’s BRAVE. She’s incredible. She’s remarkable.”

What woman, what a husband, what a couple. 

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