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The Common Food You’re Eating With The Same Amount of Salt as Two Big Macs

They’re the perfect snack when you’re too lazy to cook real food, they probably got you through university as a broke, struggling student – but it turns out instant noodles are far worse than your mother warned.


A study from The George Institute for Global Health found that one packed of instant noodles contains the same amount of salt as eight packets of Smith’s salted chips, two Big Macs, two and a half meat pies or 14 rice cakes.


Containing a whopping 1668mg of sodium per serve, chowing down on an average packet of noodles would see you consume almost half your daily recommended maximum salt intake of five grams a day.

“There is a huge amount of salt in a serving of noodles, but what is more worrying is that in reality people tend to eat the entire packet of noodles, rather than just the recommended serving size, eating even more salt than what is advertised,” said Clare Farrand, public health nutritionist at The George Institute.

Perhaps instead of relying on customers to consume the recommended serving size in already tiny (and delicious) packets and not eating the whole thing, noodle companies should bite the bullet and put health first.

But with less salt comes less taste, and we can already hear the Mi Goreng enthusiasts sharpening their pitchforks

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