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Is It Possible To Achieve An 18-Hour Orgasm – Just From Hugging?

A couple from Texas (alarms bells?) have told the Daily Mail (more alarm bells?) that the dark arts of Tantra allow them to achieve potent orgasms that can last for up to 18 hours just from a humble hug.

Husband and wife Melanie and Scott Mcclure (below), who’ve been married for eight years, say they can orgasm through anything from hugging to breathing to dancing to the weather conditions. They even claim that if one of them experiences an orgasm in the same room, the other automatically follows suit.

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“Melanie and I can even have orgasms with friends we’ve never had sex with but whom we practice Tantra with,” Scott told the Daily Mail. “A few months ago, we went camping with two friends and we were all having orgasms from the lightning bolts outside.

“It’s so joyful and incredible when you start living in the orgasmic state that we do as a couple.”

Scott credits his astonishing sexual feats to Tantra – an ancient practice he stumbled on in his 20s.

“In my twenties, I was a premature ejaculator and I got into Tantra because I wanted a technique to become a better lover. At the time, I was working 100-hour weeks in a corporate company and I was very skeptical about Tantric arts. But something about it kept me coming back to the practice and I started understanding the difference between ejaculation and orgasm – which is much more intense.”

We’ll admit: we’re skeptical. But if you want to try it yourself, here are the Mcclure’s top three tips for reaching sexual nirvana.


Groans, grunts, moans – whatever. Just get loud. Apparently this opens up “energy channels” in your body.


Suck ’em in deep. This supposedly prolongs the orgasmic experience.


Don’t visualise it leaving your body – imagine it moving up your body. And focus on what’s happening in your body as you touch your partner – don’t fixate on the end-goal of ejaculation.

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