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Is King Of Instagram Dan Bilzerian Giving Up His Debauched, Wild Lifestyle?

Dan Bilzerian—the infamous Instagram playboy whose hedonistic exploits include a plethora of models, guns, and vehicles—gave a rare interview and invited Square Mile magazine into his Las Vegas home. While loading ammunition into various clips, he revealed something that both his fans, the 22.6 million people who follow him on Instagram, and his detractors may find shocking: he’s drinking and gambling less these days. Plus, he’s been in a monogamous relationship for weeks. 17 of them.

“When I won, I didn’t give a fuck,” he said of playing poker before he quit six months prior, “And when I lost I’d be really irritated. It was just a recipe for unhappiness.”

And about that monogamous relationship, Bilzerian said: “First time. Well, I had a girlfriend before, but I was still fucking other girls.” And the way they met at a pool party isn’t exactly plucked from a storybook. “I think I fucked like three girls before her that day,” he said. “We started hanging out… She’s a little different, you know? She’s smart, she’s cool, and she liked a lot of the same shit I like. So here we are.” How…romantic.

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Will this toned down lifestyle last? Even Bilzerian himself isn’t sure. The one thing he’s sure about, though, is that he doesn’t miss nightclubs. “You have these hosts convincing all these uncool, nerdy rich guys that this is a good place to spend their money and get laid,” he said. “It’s a fucking scam. A nightclub is the worst fucking place to get laid.”

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