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Women Who Wear This Item of Clothing While Having Sex Are More Likely to Orgasm

A rule of thumb for guys when undressing before sex is to make sure you take your damn socks off first, because there’s apparently nothing less sexy that seeing a hairy man standing there in his undies and feet warmers.

But before she goes to take off her socks, stop her – keeping them on may increase her chances of having an orgasm, according to a Dutch study.

The research out of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands aimed to see whether bedroom temperature plays a role in the likelihood of females reaching the Big O.

“At the beginning of our trials, only 50 per cent of our female subjects were able to reach orgasm,” said study author Dr Gert Holstege.

“But we learned they were uncomfortable because they had cold feet, so we gave them socks, and then 80 per cent reached orgasm,” he said.

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Is the magic really in the socks? (And, if so, where can we buy this magic item?)

Not quite – it’s likely the effect comes from extra heat in the extremities, which makes for a more relaxed woman.

“In order to calm her amygdala and prefrontal cortex – the brain areas responsible for anxiety, fear and danger signals – you need to create a pleasant environment that makes her feel safe, secure and comfortable,” said Holstege.

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