The World's Largest Puzzle Is Kodak's 51,3000-Piece Puzzle | Men's Health Magazine Australia

This 51,300-Piece Puzzle Is Enough To Keep You Busy For The Rest Of Isolation

Before you assume that this is no different to any other set you’ve conquered, here’s what you’re dealing with: it features 27 iconic locations – including the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the White House, Christ the Redeemer and is subdivided by a border (so really it’s 27 1900-piece puzzles in one). 

Kodak World's Largest Puzzle


The dimensions? 8.7m x 1.9. Yep, hope you have a table big enough. 

Retailing at AU$640, the puzzle is available on Amazon. It’s a big investment, but it might just be worth it.  

This is not the time to play that prank where you smash up a puzzle just as it’s completed.

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