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LeBron James Breaks Down His Core-Busting Workout

After a four-month hiatus, LeBron James finally returning to the basketball court (yep, you read that right: the NBA season is expected to resume on July 30.) Via Insta, the 35-year-old has been regularly sharing updates on how he’s been maintaining his match fitness during iso. And if this shredded selfie is anything to go by, he’s been hitting his home gym HARD.

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The power forward captioned the post “Year 17” in a nod to his career longevity. It comes just a few weeks after he tweeted: “As soon as it’s safe, we would like to finish our season. I’m ready and our team is ready.”

In the lead up to sport coming back, LeBron kicked up the intensity, adding in plenty of cable exercises to build stability as well as strength. He shared a few vids of himself doing battle ropes and the Pallof press, as well as hanging knee raises, sled pushes, dumbbell deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts. He also wrote down a nine-exercise ab burner on IG stories, which includes three rounds each kneeling cable push/pulls (8 per side), 10 pushupsa ball crunch (with squeeze), a three-point renegade row, a kneeling cable reverse fly, lateral band walks, a standing barbell curl and a 30-second leg mat balance. Ouch.


Instagram / @kingjames

No pain no gain, hey?

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