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Look 10 Per Cent More Attractive To Women

Call your crew – the boys are going out tonight. You’re more attractive to women when you’re with a group, shows a new Dutch study.  


Women rate a pack of guys to be about 10 per cent hotter than the average of its members. The larger your posse, the more handsome you become, the research shows. 

The researchers call this the group attractiveness (GA) effect. “It’s harder to see and judge everyone in a big group,” explains study co-author Dr Job van Wolferen, of Tilburg University. “Therefore, the attractive group members receive even more attention than they do in smaller groups.” 

Even if you’re not your group’s Jon Hamm, the GA effect – and being lumped in with your good-looking pals – gives every guy in the unit a competitive advantage when it comes to catching a woman’s eye, van Wolferen says. 

Think of it as partying with a rock star or celebrity: just because you’re not the centre of attention doesn’t mean you won’t benefit with women, the research suggests. 

If the fellas are out of town, recruit your female friends: van Wolferen says the GA affects works whether you’re with a group of men, women, or both.

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