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Louis Vuitton Just Dropped A $4000 Designer Dumbbell Set

Fashion Behemoth Louis Vuitton has just dropped a designer dumbbell set and if ever a time for a boujee workout, it’s now. Part of their new “sporting goods” range, the list of items includes a $4200 dumbbell set that doesn’t look that expensive considering the current prices of traditional fitness brands. 

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Featuring the iconic LV logo, the dumbbells weight just 3kgs – that’s approximately $1400 per kilogram. 

According to the description on the Louis Vuitton website, the dumbbells have “a striking aesthetic and sporty appeal…an ideal gift for those who wish to exercise in style or elevate their home gym.”

Don’t worry, there are other products available: a $1000 jump rope, a $2000 water bottle holder, a $4200 volleyball, a $3500 ping pong set and a $8500 pair of alpine skis.

Better start saving…

By Mens Health Staff

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