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In Case You Missed It, Mark Wahlberg Is Still Jacked, And Here’s How

Marky Mark, aka Mr Marcus Wahlberg, is at it again, posing up a storm on Instagram, using any excuse to whip his kit off. But to be fair, if we were as jacked as Wahlberg, we probably would too.

There’s no denying that Wahlberg works hard to maintain his health and physique as he heads towards his 6th decade, and the evidence is clear.

The latest post features Wahlberg standing on a desk, congratulating the Lakers on securing LeBron James for next NBA season. While we’re still confused how this pose is connected to LeBron in any way, Wahlberg’s physique is impressive. 

The 47 year old actor has been active on social media over the last 12 months in particular, as he has been launching his supplement brand, sharing his workouts, nutrition, and intense schedule with his followers.

“I wake up at 3am to work out for 2 hours, 7 days a week (bed at 7pm)” said Mark earlier this year. “I’m dedicated to living a healthy, active lifestyle and Performance Inspired (a brand I helped create) is a natural extension of that work ethic.”

Our friends at Men’s Health USA report that Wahlberg is getting ready to prep for his role in the upcoming flick The $6 Billion Man, where he’ll undoubtedly be tasked to show off the goods as a bionically-augmented super agent. And while we can’t prescribe the early mornings or unrivaled work ethic, they do recommend adding these five moves into your training routine so that your arms will be on your way to looking like Wahlberg’s in no time.

Resistance Band Curl

4 sets – 25-30 reps (both arms)

Stand with both feet on the center of a resistance band. Grip each end of the band and simultaneously curl your hands toward your shoulders with your palms up. Keep your elbows close to your sides and squeeze your biceps at the top of the curl before lowering your hands down.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Concentration Curl

4 sets – 10-12 reps

Sit on a flat bench with your feet wide and hang your right arm between your legs gripping a dumbbell, with the back of your arm on your right thigh. Place your left hand on your left knee for support. Curl the dumbbell to your shoulder by moving only your elbow joint. Don’t round your back, and make sure to control the weight throughout the lift.

E-Z Bar Preacher Curl

4 sets – 10-12 reps

Plant your arms against the pad of the preacher bench for support. Grip the E-Z bar and curl it up toward your chest, isolating your biceps—but not too high so that you’re resting the weight against the pad or your shoulders. For some extra tips, check out a more detailed explainer on preacher curls here.

Standing Hammer Curl

4 sets – 10-12 reps

Stand holding a set of dumbbells with your palms facing one another. Keeping your elbows locked at your sides and your feet planted, curl the weights toward your shoulders, pause, and return to the original position.

Rack Run

Perform 10 reps of alternating dumbbell curls, starting at a manageable weight for you. Rest for 15 seconds, then drop down an increment of 5 lbs. for the next set. Continue dropping weight by 5 lbs. increments until you’ve done so four times. Then, repeat the whole cycle three times through.

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