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Men Who Play These Sports Are More Likely to Cheat on Their Partners

Girls love guys who play sports and keep fit. 

But it turns out not all sports are as innocent as others, with a new survey revealing what sport you play could be an indicator as to how faithful you’re likely to be. 

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The survey by asked 1,750 men about their sporting preferences and their history of infidelity. 


The results found those who play team sports are far more likely to cheat on their partners than those who play solo sports. The top 3 sports for cheaters were found to be:

  • #1: Rugby
  • #2: Football
  • #3: Golf

The worst offenders were rugby players, followed closely by footballers and golfers. It’s no surprise golf took out second spot – who doesn’t love a ‘golf weekend away’ with the guys? In fact, a 2016 survey by found 34 per cent of cheating men used a golfing trip to cover up an affair.

But surely, there must be some good guys out there? What sports do they play?

Compared to rugby players, footballers and golfers, the survey pinpointed the two sports where competitors are least likely to cheat. They are:

  • #1: Swimming
  • #2: Running

Going to the gym was also an excuse used by a small number of people to cover up an affair. Can you trust anything anymore!?

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