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Face Masks Could Be Ineffective For Bearded Men

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has caused wide-spread hysteria. Pharmacies have been raided of disinfecting products while the sound of a cough in public is enough to make your hairs jump. But if you’re still rocking the Ned Kelly, some of the efforts to protect yourself might prove ineffective.

According to new guidelines released by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, facial hair may limit the efficacy of respiratory devices such as masks. 

The organisation shared a detailed graphic outlining how different levels of facial hair can get in the way of filtering facepiece respirators.

Facial Hair Coronavirus


So when is it time to shave? Well it seems that any sort of chin strap that clashes with where the mask seals to the face needs to go – that includes the “Fu Manchus”, “Dalis”, and “Garibaldis” while Handlebas, walrus and Zorro mo’s are good to go. 

You can see the full breakdown of acceptable facial hair stylings when it comes to poppin on a mask. 

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