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Radio Star ‘Wippa’ Is The First MH Transformation Of 2020

For years, he’s been on the receiving end of on-air fat jokes by his partner-in-crime, Fitzy. But today, that changes. We’re stoked to announce that Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli is our next transformation coverman.

For the next 12 weeks, the 39-year-old will link up with Men’s Health transformation coach and celebrity trainer Jono Castano in a bid to ditch the dad bod once and for all.

But it won’t just be a physical transformation for the radio star. Earlier this year, we teamed up with Wippa for our September issue where we campaigned for paid parental leave. At the time, Wippa opened up about the struggles of being a new parent.

“When you’ve had a kid, you’re living in a haze a lot of the time. It’s so exhausting and such a sensitive time,” he told us. “Post-natal depression can slip in very easily when people are so tired. My wife Lisa had it with Jack and, for me as a husband, the signs were probably there.”

The gents officially kicked-off Wippa’s transformation with a live announcement on his Nova 969 radio show. This is the first time we’ve opened a transformation up to the public before it hits newsstands, and it’s the perfect opportunity to follow the highs, lows, and hanger-induced temper tantrums in real time.

To track Wippa’s progress, and follow along at home, make sure to listen to the Fitzy and Wippa Show, and stay tuned to menshealth.com.au for his journey before his cover hits stands in early 2020.

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