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2,000 People Reveal The Most Embarrassing Things They’ve Done During Sex

Ever get so wrapped up in the moment that you accidentally kiss an armpit? Turns out, you’re far from alone. 2,000 people spread across the United States and Europe participated in a study where they revealed their most embarrassing sex blunders. The study, conducted by and published on Superdrug Online Doctor, asked participants a variety of questions about their bedroom time—everything from the worst to the best moments. The results were shockingly relatable.


According to the study, the most common mood killer across the board was getting a muscle cramp during sex, which painfully brings sex to a screeching halt. The study also examined differences between males and females. Males reported that lasting only a couple minutes was their most common frustration. Their second complaint was muscle cramping, while that was the number one mood killer for women.

The study also had some interesting results when comparing countries. Most countries, including the United States, said muscle cramping was the overall most common bedroom slip-up. There were a few other countries that had mixed results. For example, Hungary’s reported most common sex blunder was accidentally ripping someone’s clothes. Croatia’s was accidentally peeing a little during sex.


You have to check out the study to see all of the results, which are brutally honest and completely relatable. They even looked into what men and women most want the other person to do during sex – valuable knowledge you can add to your arsenal of sexy-time wisdom.

This article was originally published on MensHealth.com

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