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The Physical Attribute on Men That Helps ‘Women Orgasm More Often’

Picking a woman’s brain is extremely difficult for all us men out there. And when we finally have her in our bed, we want to make sure that we get it right and leave a lasting impression. Luckily there’s a bit of science out there that goes some way to helping us find out if we’re good enough for round two.


A study out of the US has determined the attributes on a man that helps her let go of all her inhibitions and bite your neck, over and over again – and there’s an interesting one that stands out. Whilst you might think it’s the width of your girth, science tells us it’s actually the width of our shoulders – apparently broad shoulders can make a woman orgasm more often and be more sexually satisfied.


Researchers from the University of Albany questioned young women in heterosexual relationships on the intensity and frequency of their orgasms.


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In the study, the authors found that whilst self-confidence, humour and income strongly affected orgasms, the largest turn on was having wide shoulders.


“How often women experienced orgasm as a result of sexual intercourse was related to their partner’s family income, his self-confidence, and how attractive he was.


“Orgasm frequency was highly correlated with orgasm intensity, and orgasm intensity was a marginally better predictor of sexual satisfaction than orgasm frequency.


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“Sexual satisfaction was related to how physically attracted women were to their partner and the breadth of his shoulders.”


So with proof that a bigger frame equals a better sex life, there’s no doubt what muscle group you’ll be working today at the gym.


Need a workout for boulder-shoulders? Here’s an exercise that will pound every muscle fibre and work your entire shoulder complex.

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