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This is the Number of Sexual Partners You Can Have Before Women Judge You

It’s the question every guy dreads. You know it’s coming but you like to pretend it’s not. It’s a question that’s made even harder because there’s no ‘correct answer.’

“So, how many people have you slept with?”, she asks. If you say a number too high, she’s going to think you’re a man-whore. If you say a number too low, she’s going to think you’re inexperienced. If you tell her the truth (shocking, I know), who knows how she’ll react.

But now we have some solid figures to make the dreaded question a bit more bearable. A British study has found that neither men or women want to be involved with virgins or people who’ve hopped from bed to bed. 

Published in the Journal of Sex Research, the study found that when it came to serious relationships or marriage, both sexes prefer more inexperienced partners – no more than 2 for marriage, and no more than 3 for relationships.

The most surprising (and disappointing) find were the stark differences between men and women’s attitudes towards casual sex. The women in the study revealed they were completely turned off by men who had more than 6 sexual partners, where as men answered they’d be turned off by women who’ve had more than 11 sexual partners.

So what do you take from all of this? You have two options.

There’s the truth…

As we said, there’s still no correct answer. If you’re going to fudge your number, try and grasp her attitude towards sex early on in the relationship and cater to her feelings. If you can’t do that, just say three – three’s a good number. 

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