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The NSFW Sex Advice A Married Couple Received On Their Anniversary

The series finale of The Leftovers featured a cutesy wedding activity in which guests wrote down love notes that were to be tied to doves and spread across the world. It’s enough to make you go “Awww,” but in reality, the doves all just went back to their wrangler, and the notes were tossed in the garbage. Not all wedding plans are as doomed, though, as one married couple proved on Reddit.

A user named limeandcoconut shared a photo of a bottle full of advice notes written by guests at their wedding. Each year, the couple reads one—and 2017 brought some particularly sage and hilarious advice. The note simply says, “Never stop giving each other head.” Who’s going to argue with that?

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Previous years featured less salacious and more cliché advice, as the note they opened last year said, “Don’t go to bed angry.” If anything, this year’s wisdom could be an addendum to its predecessor, because it’s hard to go to bed angry under those circumstances.

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