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10 People Share the Most Painful Things That Have Ever Happened to Them During Sex

Sex is amazing—until something goes wrong, and you’re left in pain, counting down the seconds until sex can finally end. Whether it be excess biting, dryness, or even a nasty (and perhaps embarrassing) trip to the ER for a penile injury, these accidents can unfortunately happen, and yes, they hurt real bad.

If you’ve ever had something painful as hell happen during sex, you can probably feel these guys’ pain. Here, real people open up about some horrifying sexual encounters they don’t want to experience again. (And you sure as hell don’t want to, either.)

“She scratched me too hard and I bled.”

“I was having sex with this girl who had really sharp and long fingernails. They were so aggressive and she was rubbing and scratching my back so hard that she ended up making me bleed a little. It hurt really bad each time she’d scratch and I kept trying to move her away from the area but she wasn’t getting the hint. Once there was blood, she finally got it and stopped.” —Justin

“She bit my dick.”

“So this one girl was giving me a blowjob and bit my dick really hard. It wasn’t even just some slight biting going on with her teeth, which would’ve still hurt, but she like chomped on it. I don’t know if she thought that was hot or what but it definitely wasn’t and it killed!” —Dan

“I fell on my butt in the shower.”

“My girlfriend and I chose to have shower sex but we got a little too heated up in there and I ended up slipping and fell straight on my ass. It was so painful and it caused her to fall too, and she felt right on top of me, which was double the pain. Luckily I didn’t break anything but I was sore for a solid week after.” —Patrick

“Her rings hurt my penis.”

“This girl had really insane rings on and she was going down on me and would use her hands a bit and one of her rings rubbed against my penis and it felt horrible. It was this sharp ring and I felt this sharp pain that lingered for a bit. It was short-lived but it was one of the worst sensations I’ve had during sex.” —Alexander

“She froze my penis.”

“This girl wanted to try hot and cold manipulation stuff with ice cubes but used way too much ice and it ended up hurting so bad as my dick got cold and numb. I was in a ton of pain for a while and now I refuse to ever do something like that again.” —Asher*

“She squeezed my nipples.”

“Generally I like some nipple action, but this girl I was with grabbed my nipples and pinched them so hard I almost started crying. She like twisted them and her nails were kind of sharp and overall it was just really really horrible and definitely the worst sex of my life.” —Randy*

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“My penis bent in half.”

“I was having sex with a girl who was on top and my dick came out quickly and she came back down on it really rough and she bent my dick in half. We ended up going to the ER and it was a penile fracture, which took some time to heal. By far the worst most painful experience I’ve had. Now I try to usually stay on top!” —Weston*

“My whole leg cramped up.”

“Right in the middle of it my leg started cramping and I had muscle spasms all around my calves and thighs. It was really painful and I had to stop having sex to stretch and try and treat it. It ended up lasting for the rest of the night!” —Martin

“I had a toothy blowjob.”

“Girl just used teeth the whole damn time. It was so bad I asked her to stop, which I’ve never had to do with anyone else before. Blowjobs are supposed to be awesome!” —Josh

“She kept going right after I came.”

“I usually like to please my girl first because once I am done, I need a break. I can’t keep going because my penis is so sensitized, so it needs some time to get back up for another round. But this girl I was with kept riding me after I came and she was pretty rough too and it hurt my dick so bad. I told her I needed some time but she thought I was kidding and kept going.” —Robert*

*Names have been changed to allow subjects to speak freely on private matters

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