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Sex Survey Reveals The Percentage of Women Who Want Sex on the First Date

If there was ever a survey to prove what we thought we already knew, it’s this one by YouGov Omnibus in the U.K.

The survey of 39,000 Brits asked participants: “When dating someone new that you liked, generally speaking, how many dates would you want to wait before having sex with them?”

Captain Obvious was unavailable for comment, but the results speak for themselves: one in four men (28 per cent) would sleep with someone the first time they meet, but only one in 14 women (7 per cent) would do the same.

While women responded they were more likely to wait until they’d fallen in love before getting intimate, men aged 35 to 44 were the most eager of the bunch, with 35 per cent saying they’d be down for action on the first date.



Also unsurprisingly, the age group of women most likely to want sex on the first date goes to those aged 18 to 24 with 14 per cent, the poll shows. In a sign of changing times, only 5 per cent of participants would hold out for marriage before having sex.

“Men have always been happy to jump into bed with any woman that shows the slightest interest and see it as a conquest, while women were often more served,” says relationship expert Hillie Marshall, author of The Good Dating Guide.

“Younger women are also more liberal. I think they believe it is now expected of them,” said Marshall. “People used to work up to a kiss, get a little more intimate and then have sex. Now people seem to go the full hog immediately.”

Just how long does Marshall recommend waiting before getting it on?

“I think three or four dates are probably about right,” she said. “It’s best to get to know your partner before giving everything away.”

“Wait and see if you have a good friendship and whether the other person is worth waiting around for. I think this leads to stronger, lasting relationships,” said Marshall.

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