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If Your Partner Acts Like This Around Your Parents, They’re More Likely To Cheat

With cheating far more common than it used to be, it’s no surprise that hopeful romantics are more insecure than ever. But to add to their worries, new research has found that if you’re partner isn’t interested in getting along with the in-laws, they’re more likely to do the dirty.

According to a new survey conducted by Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married-dating website, when it comes to the in-laws, if your partner doesn’t show interest in them it could be an indication that they’re cheating.

The study included more than 1400 participants.

The results showed that although many people like their in-laws, 61 per cent of cheaters are not close with them.

The findings also suggest that this may be an indication of disinterest in the marriage or not wanting to stay monagamous.

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Meanwhile, more than 75 per cent said they weren’t interested in having a better relationship with the in-laws while just under half only saw them, at most, once a year.

Additionally, 85 per cent responded that they “are not worried about what their in-laws think of them”

“This may make it easier for people to cheat; a lack of loyalty to their spouse’s family means less family to risk betraying,” says Dr. Tammy Nelson, sex and relationship therapist and author of The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity.

“Alternatively, a close extended family makes cheating a higher risk behaviour because it means not only hurting your spouse but disappointing the extended family if you get caught. If you don’t care for your in-laws and aren’t invested in their opinion of you, you have less to lose if your cheating is exposed.”

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“Our members are really focused on keeping their affair life private, which means creating some distance from extended family and using that time to connect with someone like-minded on our site,” adds Isabella Mise, Communications Director at Ashley Madison.

“They understand the importance of keeping things discreet and want to reduce the opportunity for unwanted judgement or criticism that often comes from in-laws.”

If you’re nervous she might be unfaithful, this is the real reason women actually do the dirty. 

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