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This Killer Chest Finisher Will Take Your Pushup to Hell

If you do nothing but drop to bust out 10 reps at a time, your pushups could use an upgrade.

Check out this pushup to hollow body hellset from Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., that has your chest pulling double duty while giving your core some extra work, too. All you need is one simple piece of equipment.

“Here’s a chest piece that can go anywhere a resistance band can, from the gym to the park to the beach to any road trip,” says Samuel. “The beauty of this series is that we push our chest to the limit and pile up plenty of reps, but we still get to hit our chest from multiple angles, and, somehow, we’re still building in enough organic rest in this series that our form (and thus our chest squeezes) should be polished throughout the 110 reps (55 banded pushups, 55 band hollow body flies) in each set.”

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If all those reps don’t sound challenging enough, you’ll also be taking on the maneuver without any breaks. If you can pull that off, Samuel has two options for you. “You could start with 8 reps of the move instead of 10,” he says. “Or you could take a very brief break between rounds around the round of 7. Eventually, you want to work up to a full set to get a really deep chest burn. “

You’ll need a strong set of bands to take on the pushup to hollow body hellset. If you don’t have any, check out this option from WODfitters. 

See the full workout below

  • Get down on the floor in a strong pushup position with the band stretched across your back, with its ends in each hand.
  • Perform pushup reps.
  • Immediately flip over into a hollow body position with your shoulder blades and legs off the ground, keeping the band tight across your back.
  • Perform 10 banded fly reps, squeezing your chest to bring your hands together.
  • Immediately return to pushup position for 9 pushup reps, then flip for 9 banded fly reps.
  • Continue on a descending rep scale until you hit 1 rep each.

Make sure to focus on form, even though these moves are simple. “The banded pushups are pretty basic in terms of execution, but don’t underestimate the band,” says Samuel. “Use the feedback from the band to help drive improved core positioning; really squeeze your glutes and abs to keep your core from sagging from the band.”

To take on the pushup to hollow body hellset, do 1 set as a finisher on chest day (you won’t have much more). Do 2 sets (or honestly, you could even do 1) as a quick chest-day workout when you’re on the road. 

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health

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