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Scrawny To Brawny – Week 2 Journal

It’s the end of the second week of my transformation and I’m sore. There – I said it. I’m really bloody sore. I have a feeling I’ll be saying this a lot over the next 10 weeks so I may as well get it out in the open early.


Not only do my muscles feel like they’re ready to disintegrate with every step I take, I think my body is giving me clear signs it wants me to quit. I guess that’s fair enough – it has been years between since I last put it through such torture.


After my morning workout, downing a protein shake and somehow fitting in two meals before midday, all I feel like doing come lunchtime is sleeping. I started taking 40-minute naps on the lounge chairs in the lobby of my building. Unfortunately, as a nice security guard kindly informed me, napping apparently poses a threat to others and is against building policy. Instead I’ve been forced to snooze on a lovely patch of grass outside.


Everything workout-wise was going swimmingly until Monday morning. I’ve never been a morning person, let alone a Monday morning person, so after force-feeding myself Italian beef with black rice and downing a pre-workout shake, it’s safe to say my stomach was a bit all over the place by the time I got to the gym.


Somehow I managed to keep my mind off the feelings of impending sickness that were beginning to creep across my body right up until the last set. That’s when my trainer, Cato, decided to up the ante. After busting out 5 sets of a 30-degree incline chest press, he threw me considerably lighter dumbbells and told me we were doing a drop set.


 “You aren’t leaving until you give me 15 reps,” he said. I gave him his 15 reps.


Unfortunately 15 minutes later while walking to work from the gym, my body decided it needed to sacrifice the food I’d put into it only hours earlier. Up came my beef, my rice, my pre-workout and protein shake. My precious gains were all over the floor . . .


Week 2 Leg Workout




Superset of 5 Rounds

Bulgarian Split-Squat | 6-8 reps | 75sec rest 

Kneeling Legcurl | 6-8 reps | 75sec rest




Superset of 3 Rounds

Poliquin Step Up Slant Board w/ Dumbells | 12-15 reps | 60sec rest

Horizontal Back Extension | 10-12 reps | 60sec rest


Superset of 3 Rounds

Incline Garhammer | 10-12 reps | 60sec rest

One Leg Standing Calf Raise DB | 12-15 reps | 60sec rest


Week 2 Chest + Back Workout 




Superset of 5 Rounds

Supported on Bench 1 Arm Row | 6-8 reps | 75sec rest

30 Degree Incline Poliquin Chest Press | 6-8 reps | 75sec rest




Superset of 3 Rounds

Seated Row Neutral Grip Dual Pulley | 10-12 reps | 60sec rest

Dumbbell Chest Press Flat Neutral Grip | 10-12 reps | 60sec rest


Superset of 3 Rounds

Bent Over Lateral Raise |12-15 reps | 45sec rest

Seated External Rotation Dumbbells | 12-15 reps | 45sec rest

Neck Extension in Machine | 12-15 reps | 45sec rest



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