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Seven Steps To Your Summer Body

So you’ve woken from your winter hibernation and the panic at the brevity of your trunk’s drawstring has you off the couch and ready for change. Before you lace up the runners and dust off last summer’s exercise regime ­– stop! A gung-ho attitude is just going to give you sore hammies, tight groin and you’ll be back on the couch in no time. The first steps in physical change are all mental. Follow Tim’s tips and you could win a $10,000 holiday.


1.     Set an ambitious, ballsy goal with a simple first step.


So how do I achieve anything that at first seemed out of reach? I set goals. Goals have to be time-focused and specific. They need to be measurable and they need to have the right amount of ambition so that I’m always trying to be better than I was yesterday.


Most importantly, your goal needs a simple, easy first step. It can be as basic as setting a 6am alarm to make breakfast, or simply walking to work to begin.


I highly recommend starting with a DEXA body composition scan. It gives you a numeric reference, not just a visual from day one. You can repeat your scan fortnightly, or monthly, stamp it on the fridge because there’s no such thing as too much motivation.


2.     Smaller, complimentary targets


I set complimentary, smaller targets which are workout specific – like, number of reps, faster speeds, longer holds – to give me milestones throughout a longer, bigger goal. This keeps me excited to push and push and push. You will develop these targets as you start to progress with your training and learn your thresholds. We grade your fitness on TRM (Tim Robards Method), with exams every 28 days to gauge progress and maintain motivation.


A little tip: If I’m pushing my limits in my workouts and I’m struggling against those last few reps, I reset at the top of the movement to prep with one deep breath. Then, I think of my internal energy and I visualize a red colour firing through my muscles. I take three quick breaths in this reset position, and then… go!

3.     More important than the goal; establish the why.

Before you hit your nearest outdoor workout station, ask yourself… what is the emotional trigger that bounced you off the Lazy Boy? Why do you want a summer body? Why do you want better function or to be fitter? Is it because you want to be a healthy role model for your kids? You’re single and want an added sense of confidence? You’re sick of feeling lethargic and your back pain is getting you depressed? Your stress and anxiety levels have got your feeling down? Whatever your reason is, just know that having goals means nothing without having the why.

4.     Put pen to paper to practice

No matter how big or difficult it may be, write down the ‘why’ where you can see it every day. Then, write your goal next to it, and remind yourself of it any time you think of passing up a workout. It could be as simple as taking two words from each and making them your wallpaper on your phone.  


5.     Get accountable. Stay accountable.

Be your own coach; both in training and in the kitchen. You don’t need a personal trainer five times a week to keep yourself on track. You need knowledge. Continue reading and acquiring information about your health. Like UFC Champion, Connor McGregor says, become obsessed with improvement. As your body transforms so will your mind and understanding.

6.     Be patient with your physical transformation.

It’s not uncommon to take up a new training program and have limited physical change within the first two weeks. Make sure you’ve taken a “before” photo on day one. They’re a powerful motivator when change does kick in.

Use this time to understand your training regime, and make conscious decisions to clean up your fueling. I use a 7-2-1 philosophy; 70% super clean, 20% sensible, 10% relaxed. I find it’s enough freedom to still enjoy the moments in life, but provides the control I need to keep my body lean. By day 15 you’ll notice the extra centimetres in your drawstring on your way to the ocean.

7.     At least 8 weeks of consistency builds new, healthy habits.

Now, go about achieving your goals by creating new habits. That’s the foundation of The Robards Method; to move right, think better, eat smart and I’ve found at least two months of routine and functional changes to fitness and nutrition will set new habits. Three months, will keep it for life. It’s why our 8-week Summer Body Challenge is an ideal mechanism for you to achieve your goals and have you in your best body, with clarity of mind to start 2017.

And if your ‘why’ motivator wasn’t enough, I’m giving away a $10,000 holiday for two to the ultimate outdoor playground – Yosemite National Park, California to reward the best mind + body transformation of a TRM fitness member. It’s your time-based goal, with the fitness and nutrition changes you need. After two months your habits will be as instinctive as brushing your teeth, and you’ll have the ultimate reward for your efforts.

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