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Six Ways You Broadcast Your Age

Act your age? Never. Look your age? Once you lose the fear of getting carded – prefer not to, thanks. But the passing years can sneak up on you and affect your appearance in subtle ways – stray ear hairs, blotchy skin, a dulling smile. And your grooming routine needs to step up as these challenges arise. Choose your decade, and embrace our easy age-defying adjustments.

Clean Up Good In Every Decade


You’re in a rush – but just stop, take a breath and devote a few minutes in the morning to avoid these hang-ups.

1/ Excess Facial Oil

Foam up daily with a cleanser containing alpha-hydroxy acids, says dermatologist Andrew Miller. “It’s a simple way of preventing breakouts – unblocking pores means they don’t get to that next step.” And exfoliation helps, too – just don’t overdo it. “Exfoliation rubs off the dead skin cells of the outer layer of skin,” says Miller. Moisturise with oil-free lotion: dry skin looks dull and is more susceptible to fine lines.


Look for face wash with exfoliators like salicylic acid or glycolic acid to keep your skin zit-free. Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser, $10.95.

2/ Skin Irritation

Always shave immediately after the shower without drying your face, says Miller. And upgrade to a hydrating shave gel or cream so your blade doesn’t catch on skin. Multi-blade razors are the best choice, he says. “With a three- or five-blade razor it won’t pull and stretch the skin.” End with a fragrance-free aftershave – chemical scents can cause redness and bumps.


Choose a razor with hydrating technology to reduce nicks, and look for shaving gel or cream, not foam. “Spray-on foams can sit on the surface of the skin and don’t give the best lubrication,” explains Miller. Schick Hydro 5 Razor, $12.99, and Molton Brown Razor-Glide Shave Gel, $40.


No more coasting on your youth. Give your face and helmet a rejuvenating lift with these smart skin-saving strategies.

3/ Sun Damage

If you’re going to spend money on an anti-ageing product, spend it on good sunscreen, says Miller. “Buy a new sunscreen at the start of each season because they do go off, and look for SPF50+ and broad spectrum.” Though if you drive to work, park undercover and sit inside most of the day, moisturiser with built-in sunscreen will do, says Miller. But if you run at lunch, apply 50+ sunscreen mid-morning so it has time to lock into the skin, he warns. A vitamin-rich moisturiser will help keep environmental damage buried. Apply it morning and night.


You’ll want a cream that combines loads of antioxidants to help even out skin texture and shield against environmental damage. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Transformer, $48.

4/ Hair loss

Hair loss can begin in the twenties, but most men do little about it, says Geoff Hawkins, vice-president research & development technology at Aveda. By your thirties, it’s high time to begin a routine to fight age-related thinning. Use a treatment product that nourishes the hair follicle and change over to exfoliating shampoo to stimulate the scalp.


Look for a shampoo and treatment duo from the same brand that work in synergy, like Aveda’s two-step treatment Invati Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo, $49, and Scalp Revitaliser, $80.


Even if you’ve been a little negligent over the years, you can still turn back the clock with these two solutions.

5/ Fine Lines

Skin of any age will respond quickly to the right care routine. Use products containing peptides to improve firmness and fill in fine wrinkles. And undo the real damage by applying a retinol-based lotion all over your face; this increases production of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity.


Buy the highest-quality serum you can afford, combining anti-ageing peptides and vitamin C to help to boost collagen production. Jack Black Protein Booster Skin Serum, $93. Bring in the big guns overnight with a retinol lotion. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum, $133.

6/ Discoloured Teeth

As you age, your teeth become more porous and susceptible to stains, says Sydney dentist Ellie Pikoulas. Beverages such as tea, coffee and red wine are a few culprits. Don’t want to pay for an in-chair procedure? Try an at-home whitening system or use a daily whitening toothpaste.


Oral-B 3D White Whitestrips, $44.99, are individual strips coated with whitening gel that shape to your teeth. Apply to teeth twice a day for 30 minutes.

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