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What You Wear To Bed Can Drastically Impact Your Sex Life

Do you prefer to sleep nude, or do you confine yourself to your own personal body-prison every single night (also referred to as pyjamas)? While it’s immediately obvious this author prefers to roam free at night, a new study has supported the practice of sleeping naked, suggesting that ditching clothes improves your sex life, relationships and your health.

According to the analysis of 1000 sleepers (aka people), conducted by Mattress Advisor, almost 60 per cent admitted to sleeping in the buff.

Some interesting trends also arose from the findings, with 75 per cent of nude sleepers identifying themselves as in long-term relationships, and having significantly more sex than their clothed counterparts. Men were also more likely than women to sleep naked, however over half of women were also getting involved.

And the benefits of sleeping naked go much deeper than your relationships, with nakedness increasing the overall quality of your zzz’s. Disrobing before bed reportedly lowers your skin temperature, reducing the number of times you wake up during the night, allowing you to dip into a deeper state of sleep. And what is longer, deeper sleep good for? Well, a whole lot actually, including decreased stress, fitness improvements and muscle gain. Yes, gains!

According to research, up to 70 per cent of male human growth hormone is secreted during sleep, so disrupting these patterns can limit the amount released.

Researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine in LA also recently conducted a study that links sleep coaching to fitness, performance, and weight loss.

The crew identified that improved sleep quality resulted in metabolic threshold increase of 29.8 per cent, with a body fat percentage loss of 17.2 per cent over the 12-week study period.

So moral of the story; get naked before hitting the hay tonight. In addition to feeling a lot freer, even if you experience just one of the reported benefits, surely it’s worth it right?

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