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Study Finds Office Workers Swears Approximately 55 Times A Week

Even at the best of times, work can be pretty stressful and colleagues can get on your nerves. So it’s no surprise that a new piece of research has found that office workers swear approximately 55 times a week. 

A study conducted by 4com has found that British workers hear an average 11 swear words from their colleague a day. 

Interestingly, 11 per cent admitted they heard their colleagues swear more than 25 times a day. Meanwhile, one quarter of Brits admit they rarely watch their tongue at work, with 12 per cent say they have no qualms about the language coming out of their mouth. 

But who are the biggest offenders? Turns out middle management are the biggest culprits with 28 per cent of workers saying their superiors are the most uncouth.

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But not all workers are foul-mouthed – nearly one in five do their best to keep their chat PG.

“Studies suggest swearing can be beneficial, as the process of swearing is often cathartic, letting out pent-up emotion, as well as aiding storytelling or jokes. Perceptions of those who swear are also more likely to be linked to the words ‘honest’ and ‘credible’,” psychotherapist Dr Jo Gee told 4com.

“As to why people use them at work, alongside the above reasons, for some, offensive language might be a ‘test’ for the work setting – with employees experiencing a thrill when swearing or using swear words to draw attention to themselves in a busy workplace.

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“That said, swear words often include a range of taboo words including sexual language, profanities, animal names, and vulgar terms, so this is part of why people find them offensive,” she continued.

“Additionally, they are linked to negative emotions and our minds associate them with anger, even if they’re not used aggressively.”

To be honest, we’re definitely swearing more than 8 times a day…

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