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The Summer Fashion Trend That Will Make You Instantly More Attractive

Psychology studies have shown that men with puppies are 20 per cent more attractive and desirable to women, and now a group of Australian visionaries have gifted us with a way to showcase our love for our furry friends. That’s right, Australian brand Petflair has created possible the perfect product, bringing us custom togs with our pets faces plastered all over them. The latest fashion trend to hit our shores combines literally everything we love: the beach, Aussie culture, and our pets. And if science is to be believed (it is), then they’re sure to up our overall appeal as an added bonus.


The innovative company let you upload a photo of your pet dog, cat, snake, rabbit, bird… whatever, and create one-of-a kind swimwear that will be sure to turn the heads of a few women down at your local. And for good reason! We’re all for taking man’s best friend with us wherever we go.

Not only will you look great, you’re sure to feel great as well. As an added bonus, 25% of all profits received from the sales of Petflair products are donated to Pound Paws, a charity that provides re-homing services to pets currently in pounds and rescue homes. 

The company, founded by Olympic waterpolo player Tyler Martin, designer Charlie Gearside, and Pound Paws charity founder Brittany Bloomer, has been a huge hit since launch, going viral and raising $108,482 on Kickstarter after setting an initial goal of $15,000.

“It all started as a bit of fun,” says the trio, who are on track to reshape beach fashion all over the world. “We had discovered a LOT of amazing people out there (from 32 countries around the world) shared our love for pets, and wanted to support pets in animal shelters.”

This is a trend we can definitely get behind, and hope sticks around for years to come.

You can order your own pair of Petflair swimmers here.

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