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Women Are Sharing What Puts Them Off In The Early Stages Of Dating

The early days of dating are akin to navigating a goldilocks situation. There’s a fine line between texting too much (and risking coming on a bit hot) or not enough (in which case she’ll likely take your nonchalance as disinterest.) So how do you get the contact level juuuuuuuuust right? Whether you’re chatting via dating apps or good ole iMessage, here 12 women share the things that immediately put them off.

1. “Mind games. What I loved about my husband is he didn’t care how much he texted or called, just because he enjoyed talking to me and wasn’t afraid to show it.” [via]

2. “Talking shit about an ex. It’s fine to mention reasons for breaking up (she wanted to get married, have children and I wasn’t ready), but be respectful. If he calls her a b*tch, it just lets me know how he might talk about me one day.” [via]

3. “Anything that even has a whiff of sexism or racism to it.” [via]

4. “Trying too hard. It sounds mean but a guy genuinely killed my interest because he kept trying to change himself to fit what he thought I wanted. I love and value sincerity.” [via]



5. “When they’re incapable of making full conversations. People who constantly ask ‘hru’ or ‘wyd’ again and again make me lose interest VERY fast.” [via]

6. “Not asking me questions. It shows me they’re not genuinely interested in getting to know me. I ask questions. I like it when it’s more conversational.” [via]

7. “Taking way too long to actually meet up, after weeks of texting/calls. Not sure what they’re waiting on.” [via]

8. “Being condescending and thinking that they know everything better.” [via]

9. “Being boring or being negative about everything, I need some positive energy in my life.” [via]

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