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The Fitness and Diet Regimen of a World Champion BMX Freestyler

Last week we did an article on some of the most-calorie burning alternative sports, for those wishing to mix it up without sacrificing on calories-bunt. Surprisingly to some, one of the sports that ranked in the top ten was none other than BMX.

The thing about BMX, is that while an average run in a BMX tournament may last less than a minute, linking aerial trick to aerial trick is as anaerobically taxing as sprinting up a steep hill. It requires skill, practice and a whole lot of training.

One person that knows this all to well is none other than World Champion BMX freestyler Brandon Loupos, who has stepped up his training ahead of the Tokyo Olympics – the first time BMX freestyling is included as an Olympic event.

World Champion BMX freestyler Brandon Loupos


Growing up in Sydney, the 28-year-old is an absolute gun at what he does – not only has he recorded the highest ever score in BMX history, but Loupos, who is currently based on the Gold Coast, is due to compete on March 13 at the National Championships at RampFest in Melbourne before heading overseas to compete in an Olympic test event and two World Cups (if they go ahead) prior to the Olympics.

To find out how he keeps his wheels spinning, we spoke to him about all things fitness and nutrition.

Brandon loupus


Tell us about your road to discovering bmx?

I wanted to originally race motocross with my cousin, but my dad couldn’t afford a dirt bike for me so he got me a BMX bike to ride with my cousin at 10 years old when he wasn’t racing motocross. we just rode together when we could at the skateparks and local BMX tracks, and just fell in love with riding and haven’t stopped since!

What has been one of the most thrilling moments of your career?

Definitely winning world championship in 2019, I worked so hard to get that win and super bowl excited about winning it.

How do you train?

I do all kinds of workouts to compliment my riding, a lot of strength and conditioning but also a lot of balance stuff, fast reaction training and mechanically technical stuff for injury prevention and to train my brain and understand the extreme fundamentals which pay off in all aspects in my off bike prep.

Can you give us an example of a circuit?

Lots of reps, lots of rounds, perfect technique and aiming for perfection.
10x Bulgarian squats each leg 80kgs
8x chin ups
Dead bugs 1 minute hold with medicine ball
Side planks, 30 sec each side.
4 rounds

Brandon Loupos


What’s your diet like?

Protein and carb based diet works best for me, I’ve tried a lot of diets and I always go back to what I enjoy eating and if my stomach is satisfied, then I’m happy! I just stay away from dairy!

Lots of chicken, pasta, rice, eggs, oats, veggies, fruits and abnormal amounts of coffee!

What was it like hearing the Olympics would be postponed?

When it happened it almost felt like a dream, like i was in a bad dream or something. Because I was feeling so good on the bike at the time and so ready to compete in Toyko. Then the postponement is obviously what needed to happen but it also gave me a lot of time to get better for the games this year. Can’t wait to go give it a red hot crack!

Have have you spent the time until then to now?

I came back to Australia to see my family, close friends and get to work with Aus Cycling in my preparation for the Olympics. Been training, riding and getting ready. It’s a fun process.

How have you been staying mentally in check?

I have good days and bad days but never loose track of my goals. I’m giving it a 110% everyday I’m training and riding!

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