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The Haircut She’ll Go Crazy Over

Clean up your look. When it comes to hair, women are most attracted to classic cuts, according to a recent survey by research firm Opinion Research Corporation.


In the study of 500 women, two out of three found the side part (think: Leonardo DiCaprio) to be the best-looking style, and 28 per cent voted for the crew cut. Contemporary dos like short and spiked only scored well with 5 percent of the ladies.



Want to change up your look? Tell your hairdresser you want the classic square crop men’s cut, says Aveda Global Artistic Director of Styling Allen Ruiz. “It’ll give you a more polished look.” (Picture a more modern take on Don Draper’s classic style from Mad Men.)

Then when you’re on your own, use a lightweight styling product like the Styling Fibre from Toni & Guy with ($16; or Aussie men’s Texturizing Wax ($3.40;

You want your hair to look natural (i.e. soft and touchable), not stiff (crunchy or greasy), says Ruiz. 

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