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The Ultimate Obstacle-Race Workout

Obstacle racing probes your body for weaknesses, testing the aerobic and anaerobic systems.


To prepare for this onslaught, you need to mix running with high-intensity resistance work.


This workout from elite racer Jarad Kohlar is a proven all-body conditioner that has helped transform him into one of Australia’s best obstacle racers. Do it twice a week to become an unstoppable force.


Sculpt your entire body with one move



Get yourself and the required equipment down to your nearest park. Your backyard may also do the trick.


Place all the equipment in one place and pace out 75 metres to your start line.


Perform the following sprints-weights moves without rest.


Depending on your level of fitness, start with two rounds, building up to four, taking a minute’s breather between each round.


“You’ll be smashed if you get through this,” warns Kohlar.



1 sandbag

1 dead ball

2 kettlebells

1 tyre, connected to a rope

1 small medicine ball

NB: select equipment weights according to strength.



• Sprint 75m to your stash of equipment


• Grab the sandbag and place it across your shoulders. Run 75m back to the start line and dump the sandbag


• Run back to the equipment, grab the dead ball and hold it at your chest. Run 75m and dump the dead ball


• Run back, grab the two kettlebells and carry them like buckets back to the start line. Dump.


• Run back, grab the tyre and pull it back to the start. Dump.


• Run back, grab the small medicine ball and hoist it overhead. Sprint back to the start line.


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