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The Home Decor Item That Could Improve Your Sex Life

Step away from the seafood aisle and break out the toolbox – if you’re looking for a new aphrodisiac, this wallpaper could help get you in the mood. 

The custom “Kinky Vintage” design – created by interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and “sexpert” Tracey Cox – features a black velvet jacquard-style print against a silver background with a velvety flock texture. Tracey says that it’s this particular combination that will enhance your desire to do the deed.

“Kinky Vintage wallpaper features rounded shapes, opulent colours and a touch-me texture which can all help to get us in the mood for sex,” says Cox.

Kinky Wallpaper

Graham & Brown

According to the sex and relationship guru, our surroundings can have a huge influence our sex drive, which is why staying in a fancy hotel often leads to better (and more) sex.

“Sexy surroundings make us feel like sex – it’s as simple as that… Being in sexy environment is a libido booster,” adds Cox.

So you’re looking to increase your bonking, make like The Block and stock up on the wallpaper, available from Graham & Brown

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health

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