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The World’s First Mass Participation Orgasm Is Happening This Week

Yep you read that right. On April 9th, a bunch of people are coming together for One Big W*nk, the world’s first-ever synchronised orgasm where Australia’s Biggest W*nker will also be crowned.

The event, which aims to breakdown the stigmas surrounding masturbation and orgasm so that everyone can have healthier, happier sex lives, is motivating Aussies to join in by registering and self-pleasuring themselves in sync with thousands around the world.

“While doing it on someone else’s desk is never OK or in any way that violates consent, regular masturbation has a myriad of health and wellness benefits. From acting as a natural mood improver, to boosting the immune system, it has even been proven to reduce the chances of developing Prostate Cancer later in life for men. This is why her first move Down Under has been to organise the world’s first mass participation orgasm on April 9th at a time when the nation needs healthy orgasms and regular masturbation more than ever,” explains Julia Margo, co-founder at sextech brand Hot Octopuss who are hosting the virtual event.

Aussie comedian Alex Williamson has teamed up with Hot Octopuss for the ‘whacktivism’ cause, asking participants to register their ‘special moment(s)’ in the lead up to the event on the first ever ‘beatmap’ which highlights masturbation hotspots across Australia spotlighting which city is getting off the most. To date, over 8,000 w*nks have been registered with Brisbane in the top spot and Melbourne and Sydney not far behind.

Users can also nominate w*nkers they know, see who’s w*nking nearby, and go in the running to with the grand prize: a year’s supply of sex toys up for grabs.

Register here!

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