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Real Women Share How They Turned One-Night Stands into Relationships

Back in the day, one-night stands were pretty self-explanatory: You’d meet, flirt, and if you hit it off, you’d enjoy a romp in the sack. The rest was radio silence.

But not anymore: According to the latest Singles in America survey, one in four people have turned a hookup into a real, grown-ass relationship. (So whoever said something about no one wanting a cow that gives milk away for free can suck it.) But if you need proof, here are three women whose hookups turned into long-term things:

The Long-Distance Lover

“My first one-night stand turned into a three-year relationship. We met online, and he was visiting his family in the town where I went to school. When I saw him in person, I was shocked. He looked incredible! Sparks flew, the conversation just kept flowing. I eventually invited him back to my place. I had no intention of seeing him again since I didn’t believe in long-distance relationships.

“The next morning, he joined me for breakfast. Then he noticed that I was marinating chicken for lunch and asked if he could swing by later to hang out. He was only in town for a week, but he stayed over all the time. He invited me to have brunch with his parents, which I reluctantly accepted, and it was a good time.

“When he left town, he called me every day. A month later, he asked if I would be his girlfriend. Since summer was only two months away, I thought ‘Why not?’ He invited me to stay with him in Boston (where he went to school) for the summer. We dated into our senior year of college and moved to New York City together. We eventually broke up, but it was fun while it lasted.”—Cassie F.

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The Friend With Benefits

“It’s been almost a year and a half since my one-night stand, and I’m amazed that it led to a fun, healthy relationship.

“My now girlfriend was the cutest girl in my college writing class. I had no idea if she was a lesbian and was too shy to talk to her in class. So we never had the chance to hit it off. One night, my neighbours were having a party, and I spotted her talking to her friends on the grass. I was a few drinks in and thought, ‘What do I have to lose?’ It turned out she was bisexual, and we hooked up.

“I thought it was a one-night stand, then we casually transitioned into friends with benefits. We kept it super-casual for as long as we could, but I began to suspect our relationship might be more than physical when I had trouble eating because my stomach was filled with butterflies. We started texting more, and six-months later it was Facebook official.”—Jolene S.
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The Commitment Phobe

“I’ve always joked that the only way I could ever be in a relationship is if I didn’t know I was in one. Not too long ago, my commitment phobia was at an all-time high. I’d meet a guy at a bar or party, introduce myself using a fake name, and quietly tiptoe out of his apartment post-hookup.

“A few weeks after our hookup, I bumped into Brad at a Starbucks. I was on my way up the street when I heard a familiar voice calling my fake name. I turned, and there he was, looking as fine as ever. As we chatted, he looked down and noticed my real name scribbled on my to-go cup.

“My face lit on fire, and I confessed my web of lies to him. We ended up swapping hilarious stories about the irrational lengths we’ve gone to to avoid relationships. When I learned he was as screwed up as me, I felt instantly comfortable around him. Long story short, we’ve been ‘not together’ for almost a year now.”—Amanda W.

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