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These Are The Top 10 Criminal Names in Australia

When you think of ‘criminal names’, which ones come to mind?

Bonnie or Clyde? Dexter? Pablo? Ivan?

If you answered any of those, you’re wrong. Well at least in Australia. The most common first name for criminals in Australia is – wait for it – … Leon.

Do you hear that, Leon? And, according to the data, if you’re a criminal named Leon you’ve probably also committed an assault.

For women, the most common criminal name is Robin. 

This information comes from a study by law firm Go To Court, who analysed the data of over 25,000 crimes appearing on the Australian CrimeNet database, then cross-referenced them with the most common first names in Australia in the last 100 years.

For every 100,000 Leons, more than 3000 on that last had been convicted of a crime. But don’t stress – Ivan came in close second with 2,000 out of every 100,000 being a convicted crim.

Women (over the years) have been far less likely to commit crimes. For every 100,000 Robins, 934 of them have a criminal record, with the most likely offence being misdemeanour.

Here are the full lists:

Most criminal male names

1. Leon

2. Ivan

3. Ali

4. Gerald

5. Roy

6. Terrance

7. Albert

8. Danny

9. Frank

10. Frederik

Most criminal female names

1. Robin

2. Kym

3. Nicole

4. Lee

5. Shannon

6. Raelene

7. Kerri

8. Tiffany

9. Sonya

10. Jean

By Mens Health Staff

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