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The Top Men’s Hairstyles For 2017

The new year calls for change and trying new things, so why not switch up your style with one of the best haircuts around? These four styles from 2016 ooze cool and attitude, and they’re bound to stick around this year. Here are the styles from Hollywood that reigned supreme last year…

Chris Hemsworth

He’s the Australian heartthrob that Hollywood can’t get enough of, and he’s perfected the strong-lead-male character in blockbusters like Thor, Avengers Age of Ultron, and In The Heart Of The Sea.

Signature style: Medium length hair roughly parted to one side, with some pieces of hair casually falling onto his forehead.

Why it works: The length and texture of his hair adds softness to his strong, chiseled features, and the shorter length means it’s easy to maintain.

Who it suits: Not only is it a sensible style for work (and most definitely play), it requires little effort in the morning to style – just add a styling putty, and comb back with fingers.

Avoid if: You have bald patches or thinning hair – it’ll just make the problem more obvious.

Leonardo Di Caprio

After finally scoring himself an Oscar,  Leo can add ‘Best Actor’ next to ‘Best Hair’ on his list of achievements. His look is chic, sexy, and most importantly, really grown up.

Signature style: Roughly side-parted, and pulled back with lots of product.

Why it works: The pulled-back style diverts attention from his slightly large forehead, and it works perfectly for his heart-shaped face.

Who it suits: It’s a style that is perfect for men that can’t seem to let go of having long hair. Plus, it adds balance to your face, especially when you’ve got some facial hair too.

Avoid if: You’re going to be lazy with investing in a good quality comb and putty.

Ryan Reynolds

He’s dated some of the most beautiful women in showbiz (first Scarlett Johansson and now wedded to Blake Lively), and it’s no wonder the ladies can’t get enough of him.

Signature style: Short and neat – it’s a 2 on the sides and at least a 4 at the top of the head.

Why it works: This sweet face can literally pull off anything, but we love this neat hairstyle because it’s something that your partner and in-laws will love.

Who it suits: It’s easy to maintain – you can keep up the style with some clippers. Just go shorter on the sides, and about an inch longer at the top of your head.

Avoid if: You can’t get enough of shiny hair gel. This style is all about being pliable, matte, and totally touchable.

The Harry Styles

You may not like his music but you’ve got to give it to him. He’s only 21 but he’s a style-setter to watch.

Signature style: Shoulder-length, layered and mussed-up, with a serious rocker vibe.

Who it suits: It’s effortless, and looks like you’ve rolled out of bed with this amazing mane of hair.

Why you need it in your life: Go and try this style if you’re someone that is laidback, or are after a low maintenance look.

Avoid if: You’re over 30, or prefer your regular monthly trim.

This article originally appeared on Beauty Crew

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