Traffic Noise May Put You At Risk Of Heart Attack | Men's Health Magazine Australia

How Traffic Could Be Killing You

Sitting in traffic all day is enough to drive you crazy. But turns out the sound of congested roads could be putting your heart at risk. 

According to a recent study published in the Journal of The America College of Cardiology, findings have found a link between traffic noise and increased risk of heart disease. 

Researchers from the Department of Internal Medicine at University Medical Centre Mainz of Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany assessed the effects of environmental noise and ho it impacts the cardiovascular system.

Findings suggested that exposure to the frustrating sound can trigger a stress response in the nervous system causing a spike in hormones, detrimental to the body’s blood vessels.

Further, study authors found a link between noise and oxidative stress – when the body isn’t able to cope with the production of free radicals correctly – and cardiovascular weaknesses. 

The report further backs other research that has identified a link between road and aircraft noises and heart risk.

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