New Campaign Proves You Can Get Almost Anything On Uber Eats

New campaign proves you really can get almost anything on Uber Eats

As 'Bridgerton' hype reaches a crescendo, Uber Eats has shown us that while they can’t deliver a period romance, they can deliver 'Eau de Romance'

IF YOU’RE ANYTHING LIKE US, you’ve spent the five fleeting days since May 16 – the date the first part of Bridgerton’s third season was released – bingeing the series that romanticises 19th century Britain, lamenting the fact that you were born in the wrong time period and pondering what Regency-era life would be like. Now, Uber Eats is offering a glimpse into that world – proving that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

In the ‘Get Almost Anything’ campaign starring Bridgerton, Derry Girls and Barbie actress Nicola Coughlan, Uber Eats brings period romance to 2024. When Coughlan, no doubt as enamoured with the genre as the rest of us, attempts to order ‘period romance’ on Uber Eats, the platform holds true to its promise of delivering almost anything by dropping a period-era boyfriend on her doorstep. Initially infatuated, Coughlan soon discovers that some things are best left in the 19th century – namely antiquated hygiene practices.

See the Nicola Coughlan’s full campaign below.



While period-era boyfriends do come with a charming British accent, as the Uber Eats campaign proves, they also hold some fairly outdated views on the role of women in society, make little to no attempt to hide their foot and ankle fetishes, and exude the unmistakable stink that can only come from a lifelong aversion to deodorant and an unflinching adherence to using chamber pots for ablutions. Maybe some things are best left in the past.

So, perhaps you can’t get everything delivered on Uber Eats. But even still, we’re hesitant to make that point, for while period romance may be off limits, Uber Eats has shown us that Eau de Romance is not. Coinciding with the return of the ‘Get almost anything’ campaign (and Nicola Coughlan) to Australian screens, Uber Eats has unveiled a limited edition boxed set of fragrances, featuring distinctly British scents.


Uber Eats Fragrance Collection


The set includes five fragrances packaged in specially designed and collectible boxes. As for the scents themselves, expect something for every cologne enthusiast, from fresh citrus to earthy woods. Those lucky enough to get their hands on the collection will be treated to notes of oak, lavender, juniper, violet, rose, grapefruit and bursts of citrus.

“These beautifully presented collections are an irreverent ornament to our admission that you can get almost, almost anything on Uber Eats. And while we can’t deliver period romance, we will deliver Eau de Romance for a limited time,” said Channa Goonasekara, Brand Lead for Uber Eats Australia.


Uber Eats Fragrance Collection


Love may not have been in the air for Nicola Coughlan during the campaign, but the scent of love will be for a select few social media users. Uber Eats has made 100 of the limited-edition fragrance packs, and they’re available for free to the first 100 people that send a DM to the Uber Eats Australia Instagram account (@ubereats_aus), with the words ‘Eau de Romance’. Best hurry, they won’t last long.



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