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The Random Sport Leonardo DiCaprio Is Using To Reclaim His Rig

Leonardo DiCaprio has definitely owned the ‘dad-bod’ title of recent years. Never one to shy away from the finer things in life, the formerly ripped star of Titanic has definitely been living the good life, with a healthy indulgence in the finer things in life. In fact, a large part of DiCaprio’s appeal is his unforgiving ownership and self-confidence whilst bucking the Hollywood 6-pack stereotype.

However as reported earlier this year, the tides have turned and it seems that DiCaprio is finally ready to shed a few kilos. Leo is gearing up to star alongside Brad Pitt in the new Tarantino epic, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and the A-lister has a new trim rig to match the role. Well, we finally know how he’s doing.

The last few weekends has seen the 43 year-old take to the sands of Malibu, California, to battle it out in some friendly beach volleyball matches. Creating his own V-Ball squad, DiCaprio has been recruiting famous mates to help him stay active, including Clint Eastwood’s ripped son and former MH cover-man, Scott Eastwood.

For someone of DiCaprio’s height and weight, beach volleyball burns around 355 calories in only 30 minutes, which is almost the equivalent of an hour-long jog. The agility necessary to constantly change direction, varied acceleration and the uneven sand surface creates a furnace for calories and an amazing workout for your stabiliser muscles.

However as DiCaprio’s beachside tournaments demonstrate, there’s a lot more to volleyball than a simple run around on the sand, with a lot of skill behind the movements.

Gold medal winning beach volleyball player, Phil Dalhausser, shared some tips with Men’s Health on how to successfully serve up an ace when you hit the sand.

Nail the Jump Serve
Phil Dalhausser teaches volleyball’s opening salvo

  1. Time your jump “You need to hit it at a high angle so the other team has less time to react,” he says. Practice jumping so you connect with the ball at the highest point possible, with your arm fully extended.
  2. Toss in front If you toss the ball directly above or behind you, you’ll look up and see nothing but ball. But if you aim it a few inches in front of you, you can watch the ball and keep your opponents — and more important, an open space on their side of the court — in your field of vision.
  3. Place your fingers Don’t whap the ball with your palm the way most novices do. You’ll have no control. Instead, connect with your fingers and the top of your palm. Your fingers will give the ball topspin and help guide it across the net.

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