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This is The Age You’ll Have the Best Sex of Your Life

After your 21st birthday, there aren’t a whole lot more birthdays you’re going to look forward to. (Sorry to burst your bubble, kids.)

Except for one.

Online platform Happify‘s recent research addressed a question everyone wants to ask, but no one has had an answer to: At what age do people have the best sex of their lives?

According to those in their 50’s and 60’s (aka have been around the block, have had sex ever year of their lives), the best sex they ever had happened in their 40’s – specifically at the age of 46.

Among this research, the study also revealed couples that bang on average once a week are the happiest. But don’t let that deter you from doing the deed: the study also found that older couples that have regular sex are happier than those who skimp on the sex. 

50 per cent of the couples surveyed reported the best sex of their lives was with their current partner, regardless of how old they were.

So as your 46th birthday approaches, make sure you choose your partner wisely. 

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