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The Reason Why You Should Never Chew Gum Before Sex

If you don’t want women running for the hills every time you talk to them, you want to make sure your breath smells fresh (or at least not like a skunk).

But if things start to get hot and you’re thinking of relocating to the bedroom, chewing on a piece of gum could be one of the worst things you can do.

Ever wondered why you burp a lot while chewing gum? That’s because the act of chewing without actually swallowing means the only thing entering your stomach is a bunch air which can lead to bloating. 

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More so, chewing gum means your belly will automatically release stomach enzymes in the expectation of food which means only one thing – a whole lot of wind.

So although your mouth might be smelling minty fresh, you should be more concerned about the odours coming out the other end.

If bloating and farting weren’t enough to convince you not to chew gum before your next romp, a 2008 study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology revealed peppermint actually represses testosterone production which means a lower libido. 

Now you’re aware of the threats posed by chewing gum, find out why you should never eat these seven foods whilst on a date.

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